A little boy in a little town with a little bit of daddy issues.  This week we talk about the Netflix original movie Little Evil!

Little Evil is a Netflix original movie that follows Gary Bloom who has just married the love of his life Samantha.  Samantha has a son named Lucas who loves to dress like Angus Young and stare like that creepy teen in Jurassic World.  Gary is very accepting of Lucas and hopes to be the perfect father figure in his new family.

Yet, life isn’t always that easy.  Not only do you have to worry about the kid accepting you, but what if he has other worldly powers that he uses to torture the innocent and oh yea…his father is Satan.  It might just be easier to shove him into the pool with some weights and see what happens.

Attempting to be a better person and see his faults in the new family Gary seeks a support group of other local parents dealing with their own child issues.  Here we meet a great supporting cast consisting of Bridgett Everett, Donald Faison, Chris D’Eila, and Kyle Bornheimer.  These people help make the film as they have some great comedic relief, but the scene stealer is easily Bridgett Everett.

Consistently delivering hilarious lines and reactions to the Ludacris events happening around her she made this movie. This isn’t all that surprising as she’s held her own in movies like Trainwreck and television like Lady Dynamite.  I cannot wait to see more entertainment with her in it!

Something to note, I watched it on complete accident.  I wasn’t aware of cast, crew, or anything before going into it.  I was on vacation with my wife and she turned it on because she thought it sounded interesting.  We were both sitting down from dinner and I just went with the flow figuring it was her turn to pick something and it wasn’t Schindler’s List.

Immediately I was surprised to see Evangeline Lilly and Adam Scott (two favorites of mine) so my interest sparked.  The beginning scene of the movie confused me a little bit as I couldn’t find the tone.  This actually continues through most of the movie as the film takes elements from horror, comedy, and coming of age drama. A strength in my opinion, because rather than rely on the tropes of one film genre, why not blend and make something entirely unique.

The blend actually does work too.  My Mother in Law watched this with my wife and I. She isn’t a fan of horror films but found a charm in the comedy and father son backstory.  To me that’s what makes a story powerful.  You can bring in someone who would otherwise not be a fan and capture their attention and open them up to something new.

Little Evil was written and directed Eli Craig. That name may sound familiar as he is the writer director of Tucker and Dale vs Evil which I cannot recommend enough if you haven’t seen it.  Tyler Labine who played Dale even makes a memorable cameo appearance as a try hard wedding videographer.

The film sat in development hell for a few years as this was originally a Universal Pictures movie.  Eventually the rights were released and picked up by Netflix who quickly put the film in production in 2016.

At the time of this review Little Evil holds a 100% review on Rotten Tomatoes based on 5 reviews.  User reviews are more critical pushing the rating down to a 42%.  Positive reviews focus on the unique comedy horror aspect of the film while critical views point out the strange tone and pacing.

So in other words, what some people love about this film is what other people hate.  This film is likely to divide people.  So don’t be surprised at all the various opinions should you watch this in a group.

Eli Craig is a very unique storyteller who pays tribute to classic Hollywood horror films and mixes them with a loving quality. For Little Evil, there were elements of Poltergeist, Rosemary’s Baby, and of course the Omen.  I even feel like some of the less outrageous humor of Big Daddy could be found in here.  I recommend giving this movie two watches as it can be easy to get lost in the movie and not identify what makes it work so well as a dark comedy.