Guillermo del Toro has joined forces with Netflix to bring life to the project 10 Past Midnight.

10 Past Midnight will be an anthology of original content curated by Mr. Del Toro.  Del Toro plans to write and direct some of the content, but not every episode.

For more information on the actual show please visit Dread Central.

This is so exciting to read and will be some competition for the remake of The Twilight Zone that CBS All Access is creating. While I love anthology horror of the past like The Outer Limits, Monsters, and of course, the already mentioned Twilight Zone.  There is something special about starting a new series.

There is no threat of living up to the original and the ability to take some chances into a new direction.  My ultimate hope is that Netflix stand behind the series at least for a few seasons regardless of performance.  New shows don’t have the initial marketing done for them and need to grow on people.