One of the things I am very grateful for in my life is the lack of down time.

Some may look forward to down time, but it is simply something that gives me nightmares.  There is nothing I hate worse than sitting still without knowing what I’m working on next.  I try to always keep myself busy, and sometimes it backfires and makes it so nothing ever gets accomplished.

Regardless, the next few months look very promising. We are only a few weeks away from starting production on Clownado, Vault of Voodoo will soon be entering post production, and I have two additional film projects that will be starting soon.

This time last year (June 24th to be exact) we started production on Bonehill Road.  A film that has forever changed my life.  I became acquainted with many people on Zombie Rampage II, but I became a family with everyone on Bonehill Road.

The new trailer for Bonehill has been released and it looks like the movie will be available in October.  This was major news and continued inspiration for me.

There are so many no sayers in entertainment.  Family members, professors, friends.  Even for people who say you can do it, they still set barriers on how you can do it.  I often feel like everyone is in a bubble and doesn’t dream anymore.  I don’t know if that’s age or society.  Maybe a bit of both.

Extreme Entertainment was the first time I saw a group of people come together, successfully raise money crowdfunding, and make a feature that has won numerous awards and received what looks to be proper distribution.  OH! Don’t let me forget to mention the amazing premiere we had in Los Angeles!

It gives me hope as all these projects enter a new phase in their product lifecycles.  It gives me hope to see that my calendar is full until August of next year.  It gives me hope that I have something to get up and live for everyday.